About Me!

My name is Joie Foster! I'm a story artist and illustrator who lives in Los Angeles with my pretends-to-be-a-dinosaur husband Joel and my jolly, stump-legged corgi Rylee. I scribble cuteness, sketch quirks, paint attitude, and herd cats. Okay. Technically I don’t herd cats, but keeping-up with Photoshop layers is pretty much the exact same thing, right? 

Some of my hobbies include ballet dancing, playing video games, snorting glitter, and eating cake. I'm also a member of the SCBWI and the Women in Animation Guild!

Who have I drawn for?

  • Storyboard & Animation: Snap Inc. (Snapchat 3D Bitmoji), Oxinfree Studios, DVI Group, FlamingoRich Studios
  • Illustration: Learning A-Z, Crafty Games, RIVA Creative USA, Phalanx Consortium, Dead Gentlemen Productions, Signal Fire Studios
  • Comics: Aspen, BOOM!, Thrillbent

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