Battle Cattle: New Tabletop Game Coming Soon




Recently I began working on a very exciting and hilarious product that really… MOO-ved me. Battle Cattle™ is a miniatures game that originally released in 1996, and Phalanx Consortium, a tabletop gaming company, is going to handle the newest edition/reboot of the old cult classic.

When Phalanx approached me for the project I could hardly believe my ears. “Cows? With guns? Say no more, I am IN!” Included here is a sketch and color comp of the illustration itself.

Here is the press release for the product:

Feb 12, 2015: BATTLE CATTLE ™ – Reborn!

Some of you may remember the original versions of Battle Cattle™, which was first printed back in 1996, and others may be seeing this game title for the first time. The Phalanx Consortium is pleased to announce that we are the licensed production house for the rebirth of this cult gaming classic. We have begun work on producing an updated and expanded version of the rules which will be set in a timeline that sees our brave bovine warriors answering the patriotic call of their respective countries in a great global struggle of nations. Their fights will move beyond the simple pastures to battlefields that stretch from one corner of the globe to the other.

As a part of this re-envisioning our talented artists are designing a line of whimsical miniatures so you can fight these epic struggles, in all their three dimensional glory, on your table top. Coming in the next few weeks we will start showing off some of the renders and prototypes of these battle hardened soldiers, so you can begin imagining the clashes to come. Stay tuned for these and other updates as we work toward the launch of an Indiegogo campaign set to begin mid to late spring of this year.