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Aspen's Halloween ComicFest 2017

I am a part of Aspen's Halloween ComicFest's issue again this year!

Aspen's HWCF 2017 Cover by  Simone Di Meo

Aspen's HWCF 2017 Cover by Simone Di Meo

"Aspen Comics' jam-packed, activity-filled, absolutely free coloring book returns... but, this time with a TWIST, and a whole gang of Aspen Animals ready to usher in a new era of fun! Readers can Choose Your Own Adventure in this time-spanning, fantasy realm-busting and speed-bursting new interactive tale! The Aspen Universe has been split into three and it's up to Aspen readers to help guide our hero creatures to safety and unite these worlds back together, all in one exciting coloring book!" - HalloweenComicFest.com

I did pencils and inks for one of the story branches in this choose your own adventure-style comic, which, I gotta say, is a pretty cool concept. I read a ton of those books as a kid, and loved them. Ah, the 90s. In addition, if you've followed my art for even five minutes you'll probably have figured out that I love drawing animals, so a title featuring just animal characters had me super jazzed.

And what is Halloween ComicFest, you may ask? Well, they made a handy video to explain it so that I don't have to!

This book will be available for FREE at your local comic book shop on October on Saturday, October 28. Make sure you get one for yourself!

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Aspen's Halloween ComicFest 2016

I did some work in Aspen's Halloween ComicFest this year! Halloween ComicFest is a comics "holiday" created by Diamond Distributers. It's a lot like Free Comic Book Day, but with a Halloween theme! Aspen always puts out a b&w comic/activity book hybrid, and this year I did the illustrations for the activity pages.

Aspen's HWCF 2016 Front Cover by  Siya Oum

Aspen's HWCF 2016 Front Cover by Siya Oum

Here are the pages I did in raw format-- some are missing puzzles or panels that are filled in in the final format. Click on the image to enlarge:

Working for Aspen was a ton of fun, and I hope to work on next year's too! This book was available for free on October 29th, but there might still be copies floating around that you can get your hands on!

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