kung fu monkey

2014 Year End Wrap-Up!

So... I know Christmas and New Years was a good month ago, but better late than never, I say! I had one heckuva set of Happy Holidays, and have been on the road since mid December. My nomadic tendencies aside, I've been working on quite a few projects that unfortunately I can't show yet. That doesn't mean I haven't been doing anything though!

Now that the holidays have passed I can show the fun corporate holiday card that I did for Kung Fu Monkey Productions here in Burbank, California. They're a fun bunch, and really let me have fun and do whatever I wanted with the material!

Then I was off to Georgia for Christmas, and Oregon for New Years where I received this truly amazing Christmas Sweater from my friends. They hand sewed all those little appliqué animals on there! They also don't really know how to sew. Blood was shed and friendships strained in the making of this sweater, but I love it and have been wearing it with glee.

That's all for now!