Clucked: Meet the Characters!

So today I've got some Clucked concept art to share with you to get you excited for the start of the comic!

Sanders comes from a distant solar system known as the N.E.S.T, and is, as you can see, a chicken. His planet is plagued by war, and he has journeyed to Earth in search of his chicken brethren for aid. He finds out very quickly that while they’re all extinct, they also are the most sought after snack in the entire Universe.

That makes Sanders “Public Eatemy #1″ and he’s gonna have to hustle tailfeather to survive and save his planet!

Sanders’ wings and how they work! It’d be really hard to have a protagonist who doesn’t have hands, so I took some time figuring out how feathers could also double as “fingers.” 

I took some inspiration from how Disney did this with Wilbur in The Rescuers Down Under. They made some really interesting choices with how they’d deform his hands based on what he was using them for.

Some of this is meant to be orthographics/geo notes for 3D model possibilities, and some is showing their capability to deform a bit in-comic. You can really “cheat” reality with illustration! Hahaha you can’t force me to conform to the rules of reality, you tyrant

Kah'la’s a girl from an alien species named the Reptaas. Her kind is reptilian, and can sport horns, gills, fans, scales, or claws depending on the individual. They also have a particularly strong affinity for any Chik-E-Nugz snacks, moreso than the rest of the universe! When chicken went extinct, her species was left hurting for its next fix.  Despite her kind going back to their own planet after the Chicktinction, they still have a decently sized population on Earth.

Luckily for Sanders, Kah’la swore off chicken years before they went extinct– she’s a vegetarian! Problem solved… right? RIGHT?

Here's Butch and his son Nom, the butcher team who have their eyes on the prize– the prize being our hero, Major Sanders, of course. They don’t want to eat him, no no! Rather, they recognize the insane value of the last chicken in the known universe… and will do anything to get it.

New Comic: Clucked


The egg finally has hatched! Announcing Clucked, a new weekly webcomic by and Joel Foster and I that’s coming in January 2016!

When a chicken lands on Earth in search of kin, he discovers that not only is his kind considered the tastiest thing in the universe… he’s also the only one left. Can he survive the hungering hordes, cosmic chases and entirety of the Galactic Federation long enough to save his homeworld?

We work together to incubate the story. Then Joel writes, and I create the art. It’s been in production for a few months, and they hope it’ll tickle your funny bones (or chicken wings… so to speak).

What’s even more exciting is that there’ll be an exclusive printed preview of the comic available for sale at Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo Oct 30-Nov 1 at the Los Angeles Convention Center! There’s a limited number of copies, but you’ll get to read the beginning of the comic a full two months before anyone else!

Hold onto your nugz, because it’s gonna be a wild ride!