Summer Vacation


As a freelancer, it’s very difficult to take time off– if you don’t work, you aren’t getting paid (!). That said, it’d been forever since I’d had a real break, so our sojourn into the beautiful wilds of Oregon was LONG overdue! One fantastic road trip later, we had the rocky Oregon Coast and ridiculous tourist traps in our grips


Any road trip is made more complete by visiting: 1) a cheese factory, 2) a brewery, and 3) a lighthouse. We checked all of those things off our lists, and added some other fanciness such as an aquarium, giant concrete dinosaurs, the diviest of dive bars, a sideways gravity house, 4th of July fireworks in a lovely seaside fishing town, and some tar pits to really round things off.


.We spent some time at a sunny lakeside cabin and took my corgi Rylee swimming. Well… “swimming” is a rather loose term as once she actually makes it into the water with an incredibly clumsy splash, she paddles with her tiny stump legs and locks you with a panicked look as she wiggles back to shore.

All in all, it was a fantastic trip and I’m all rested up (and sporting ridiculous tan lines) for the rest of the year’s convention season!