Review of Heavenly Kibble Guardian Corgi from The Grand Geek Gathering Podcast

Don't you love it-- I tell you to start watching my Instagram Stories and them promptly stop updating both them and my blog, too? Fear not, I'm not dead! I went on a scheduled vacation up in rural Oregon where I didn't have much in the way of cell service or internet. Actually, it ended up turning into a roller coaster of a work-cation, but that's a story for another day.

I may have had to work, but at least this was my surrounding scenery!

I may have had to work, but at least this was my surrounding scenery!

But I'm back. Huzzah! Half a day was spent fighting through my extremely backed up inbox, but I'm now back at work, back at Instagram Stories, and of course, back to the blog.

These guys are the best. Seriously, they've got a lil' something for everyone!

These guys are the best. Seriously, they've got a lil' something for everyone!

I'm really excited to share both a review and an interview about my comic series Heavenly Kibble Guardian Corgi from the one and only Grand Geek Gathering podcast!

"The Grand Geek Gathering is a multimedia network dedicated to celebrating the geeky things we love that make us who we are. Every Gatherer has different interests, passions, and traditions. We love that. As you get to know us on the Gathering podcast, we do not hesitate to share those passions and interests (or shove it down your throat)."

They also have do videos, livestreams, and a slew of other things. I was really pleased and humbled to be the subject of both episodes 66 and 67 of their show "IndiComix."


Episode 66 features an interview I did with Tyler, where we chat about Guardian Corgi, its influences, my inspirations, and a closer look at my process behind creating my comics. He's such a blast to talk to, so there's not a boring moment! (Approx 30 min)

Interview with IndiComix about Guardian Corgi


Episode 67 is a fantastic in-depth, round table review of all three issues of Guardian Corgi! Tyler and Jeff covered their thoughts on my writing, jokes (they lived through the puns, hah!), art style, character design, and the colors.

They had delightfully nice things to say, including that they felt the fun, bright colors, and simplicity of the series made it very accessible and a different voice in the current indie comics industry. I was extremely pleased to hear that, as I aim to make my stories a fun experience for anyone-- comics fans or not!

Roundtable Review of Heavenly Kibble Guardian Corgi

Thank you for all the kind words, GGG!

Corgi #3 Cover Reveal

Guardian Corgi has got some real trouble on her paws– she’s in over her head with a feathery fiend! With her normal companion out of action and a mysterious feline hampering her progress, it looks like she’s gonna need to recruit some help to save the world this time!

Let's see that cover finally, shall we?

AND I'm super stoked about what’s arrived in the mail today! I am over the moon to share the newest installment of my comic with y’all!

These vibrant beauties will debut at WonderCon 2017 in Anaheim, CA March 31-April 2 at table B-35!  Following previous tradition, the first 50 copies will be signed and numbered! For those of you who can’t make it to Anaheim, there will be online options for ordering it.   Check out more info on the comic here!    

These vibrant beauties will debut at WonderCon 2017 in Anaheim, CA March 31-April 2 at table B-35! Following previous tradition, the first 50 copies will be signed and numbered! For those of you who can’t make it to Anaheim, there will be online options for ordering it.

Check out more info on the comic here!


Heavenly Kibble Guardian Corgi 3!

You guys I am so excited because this installation of Guardian Corgi has been SO long in coming! It’s been worth the wait though, as behind the scenes I’ve leveled up in my storytelling, art, and coloring skills. *tiny yay*

Guardian Corgi 3 is going to release March 31st at Wondercon 2017 in Anaheim, California… I’ve always had a tradition of releasing new issues of the series at WonderCon, and this time is no different. I’ll also be doing the same “first 50 issues are individually numbered and signed” like I have in years past as well.

I can’t wait to share the next Corgi story with you, and I hope to see you at WonderCon!

… and don’t worry, if you can’t make it to WonderCon, I’m planning on reopening my web store so you can purchase copies online. :)

Draw This Again: Howl-o-ween Part 1!





The Zombcorg is one of my more popular prints at conventions and shows– I guess everyone loves a good Undead Stumpers.

I don’t typically go back and rework old pieces of mine. But, because I’m going to be adding more to the corgi series, I wanted to revisit this piece and give it some love. I’ve learned quite a bit and have much better equipment from when the original piece (left) was created in 2012!

  • The original piece was only good for a 4x6 print, but now it’s been embiggened up to an 8x10!
  • Because I have a Cintiq, my line quality is now infinitely better than my Intuos days.
  • I improved on the corgi’s anatomy, having drawn corgis about 800,000 times at this point.
  • I smoothed out and revisited bits of the background in an attempt to improve it while maintaining true to my original intent and brushy rendering.

Comikaze 2015!

Alright Comikze, let's do this!


All set up and ready to go at table F16 at Comikaze! Don’t forget that Clucked will have its exclusive preview here this weekend! Get one while supplies last.

The crew is  at Comikaze this weekend at the Los Angeles Convention Center– check us out at Table F16 to get your very own exclusive Clucked Preview Comic and a promo button. We will also have plenty of other fine comics and prints for your perusing pleasure– plus CANDY because it’s Halloween, of course!

Be there or be… chicken?

Summer Vacation


As a freelancer, it’s very difficult to take time off– if you don’t work, you aren’t getting paid (!). That said, it’d been forever since I’d had a real break, so our sojourn into the beautiful wilds of Oregon was LONG overdue! One fantastic road trip later, we had the rocky Oregon Coast and ridiculous tourist traps in our grips


Any road trip is made more complete by visiting: 1) a cheese factory, 2) a brewery, and 3) a lighthouse. We checked all of those things off our lists, and added some other fanciness such as an aquarium, giant concrete dinosaurs, the diviest of dive bars, a sideways gravity house, 4th of July fireworks in a lovely seaside fishing town, and some tar pits to really round things off.


.We spent some time at a sunny lakeside cabin and took my corgi Rylee swimming. Well… “swimming” is a rather loose term as once she actually makes it into the water with an incredibly clumsy splash, she paddles with her tiny stump legs and locks you with a panicked look as she wiggles back to shore.

All in all, it was a fantastic trip and I’m all rested up (and sporting ridiculous tan lines) for the rest of the year’s convention season!

Free Comic Book Day 2015


Saturday, May 1st is the day that everyone in the comic world has been waiting for– Free Comic Book Day! It’s a day where you can go to comic stores around the country and get free comics. What could possibly be more exciting than that?

… a free Comic Con, that’s what! The folks over at The Comic Bug are hosting a one day free Comic Convention at the Culver City’s Teen Center from 12-5 pm! They’ve partnered with LA Weekly, there will be food trucks, comic vendors, an artist alley, and of course there will be FREE STUFF available!

I will be there and I’ll have Corgi Mini-Comics and buttons for FREE! (Limit of 50 mini-comics and 50 buttons, first come first serve!).

I also finally have more Corgi #1 and #2 back in stock!* They will be available for their normal $5 each, and I’ll be doing sketch requests for $10 (Limit of 5). I hope to see you there– it’s gonna be a blast! A hearty thanks to Mike Wellman at The Comic Bug for putting this event together, and inviting me to be a part of it!

*The fine folks at Ka-Blam Comics Printing really pulled out all the stops this time. I got caught and didn’t reorder my books until too late, but they hustled and I got my order within THREE DAYS of ordering! They’ve been really wonderful to work with so far, and I recommend them for all your comic printing needs!

WonderCon 2015


WonderCon this year was a real hit! It is one of the best shows I’ve ever had, both comics-wise and profit-wise. I brought more copies of Heavenly Kibble Guardian Corgi #1, and it was a sellout yet again. Heavenly Kibble Guardian Corgi #2 made its debut, and came within two copies of selling out as well! The amount of return fans I had looking for Corgi #2 was really encouraging, as well as some of the feedback I was getting from new fans.

Two gals made my day on Sunday when they told me they’d laughed so hard after buying Corgi #1 that they kept quoting it all night, and that made them want to buy #2! This sort of feedback is what keeps us artists going. When you’re working on a book for months, you’re so close to it that you forget that it had any humor or entertainment value. Hearing what people think who are looking at it with fresh eyes can really give you a better perspective on what your own work is like!

I’m excited to announce that there WILL be a Corgi #3, and that I’ll begin work on it soon. In the meantime though, I’ve got another comic idea that I’d really like to do first. Stay tuned for more information.

If you missed WonderCon and really want a copy of Corgi #2, check out the following links! You can purchase either a printed copy or a digital download of the book from IndyPlanet. If you prefer using DriveThruComics instead, you can get a digital download there.

Heavenly Kibble Guardian Corgi #2 on!
Heavenly Kibble Guardian Corgi #2 on!