hot air balloons Has some JoieArt On It!


Recently I completed another client job for the website, a great blog about Powershell and other super high-tech programming things that I know absolutely nothing about. I know just enough coding to keep a website running, and that’s about it. The blog was celebrating its 100th post, and wanted a great banner image to go with it! And with a name like FoxDeploy, of course there were going to be foxes.


“Give me all the foxes” the client says to me cheerfully. “Lots of foxes, in fox-shaped hot air balloons!”

“Can I add confetti?” I ask, always wanting to shoehorn rainbows and glitter into my work.


“Foxes! And Balloons! And Confetti! YES!”

So congratulations to my client (and friend!) Stephen Owen of, and here’s to another 10,000 posts on your blog!