Comikaze 2015!

Alright Comikze, let's do this!


All set up and ready to go at table F16 at Comikaze! Don’t forget that Clucked will have its exclusive preview here this weekend! Get one while supplies last.

The crew is  at Comikaze this weekend at the Los Angeles Convention Center– check us out at Table F16 to get your very own exclusive Clucked Preview Comic and a promo button. We will also have plenty of other fine comics and prints for your perusing pleasure– plus CANDY because it’s Halloween, of course!

Be there or be… chicken? Has some JoieArt On It!


Recently I completed another client job for the website, a great blog about Powershell and other super high-tech programming things that I know absolutely nothing about. I know just enough coding to keep a website running, and that’s about it. The blog was celebrating its 100th post, and wanted a great banner image to go with it! And with a name like FoxDeploy, of course there were going to be foxes.


“Give me all the foxes” the client says to me cheerfully. “Lots of foxes, in fox-shaped hot air balloons!”

“Can I add confetti?” I ask, always wanting to shoehorn rainbows and glitter into my work.


“Foxes! And Balloons! And Confetti! YES!”

So congratulations to my client (and friend!) Stephen Owen of, and here’s to another 10,000 posts on your blog! 

WonderCon Was Wonderful

Wow, it's been two months since Wonder Con already! I've definitely fallen behind on my blogging, but my life went insane the last day of the convention and has been even since. Wonder Con was absolutely wonderful. It's the biggest convention I've ever worked, and the amount of friendliness and support my boothmate Ria Art and I received was astonishing!


In additional exciting news, Heavenly Kibble Guardian Corgi completely sold out at the show! I had to order a second printing of comics, and then promptly sold out of them again through my online store. I've plenty more in stock now, and am selling them both through online store, and at Indyplanet as well-- additionally, Indyplanet also has an option for a digital version for $0.99. If you'd like to buy them from a physical store, House of Secrets on 1930 W Olive Avenue in Burbank is now stocking it, too! HoS is a great comic store, if you've not checked it out yet. Super friendly Amy and Eric always make you feel welcome, and they have quite a selection.


That said, I can finally get to the part where I explain why my life has been so crazy since the convention. Not only did I get a lot of opportunity to travel, but I also got an offer to join Thrillbent Comics as an artist on one of their upcoming new titles! I'm extremely excited about the title I'm working on, and the Thrillbent crowd are all pretty cool people. They've got lots of great books already, and have a cool digital app that allows you to read your comics on the go. Check them out if you haven't yet. The title I'm on will be releasing in late Summer of this year-- keep your eyes peeled for it!