WonderCon 2015


WonderCon this year was a real hit! It is one of the best shows I’ve ever had, both comics-wise and profit-wise. I brought more copies of Heavenly Kibble Guardian Corgi #1, and it was a sellout yet again. Heavenly Kibble Guardian Corgi #2 made its debut, and came within two copies of selling out as well! The amount of return fans I had looking for Corgi #2 was really encouraging, as well as some of the feedback I was getting from new fans.

Two gals made my day on Sunday when they told me they’d laughed so hard after buying Corgi #1 that they kept quoting it all night, and that made them want to buy #2! This sort of feedback is what keeps us artists going. When you’re working on a book for months, you’re so close to it that you forget that it had any humor or entertainment value. Hearing what people think who are looking at it with fresh eyes can really give you a better perspective on what your own work is like!

I’m excited to announce that there WILL be a Corgi #3, and that I’ll begin work on it soon. In the meantime though, I’ve got another comic idea that I’d really like to do first. Stay tuned for more information.

If you missed WonderCon and really want a copy of Corgi #2, check out the following links! You can purchase either a printed copy or a digital download of the book from IndyPlanet. If you prefer using DriveThruComics instead, you can get a digital download there.

Heavenly Kibble Guardian Corgi #2 on Indyplanet.com!
Heavenly Kibble Guardian Corgi #2 on DriveThruComics.com!