pembroke welsh corgi

Heavenly Kibble Guardian Corgi 3!

You guys I am so excited because this installation of Guardian Corgi has been SO long in coming! It’s been worth the wait though, as behind the scenes I’ve leveled up in my storytelling, art, and coloring skills. *tiny yay*

Guardian Corgi 3 is going to release March 31st at Wondercon 2017 in Anaheim, California… I’ve always had a tradition of releasing new issues of the series at WonderCon, and this time is no different. I’ll also be doing the same “first 50 issues are individually numbered and signed” like I have in years past as well.

I can’t wait to share the next Corgi story with you, and I hope to see you at WonderCon!

… and don’t worry, if you can’t make it to WonderCon, I’m planning on reopening my web store so you can purchase copies online. :)

Draw This Again: Howl-o-ween Part 1!





The Zombcorg is one of my more popular prints at conventions and shows– I guess everyone loves a good Undead Stumpers.

I don’t typically go back and rework old pieces of mine. But, because I’m going to be adding more to the corgi series, I wanted to revisit this piece and give it some love. I’ve learned quite a bit and have much better equipment from when the original piece (left) was created in 2012!

  • The original piece was only good for a 4x6 print, but now it’s been embiggened up to an 8x10!
  • Because I have a Cintiq, my line quality is now infinitely better than my Intuos days.
  • I improved on the corgi’s anatomy, having drawn corgis about 800,000 times at this point.
  • I smoothed out and revisited bits of the background in an attempt to improve it while maintaining true to my original intent and brushy rendering.