wondercon 2017

WonderCon 2017

WonderCon was a smashing success yet again! This is seriously my favorite show of the whole year: the fans are great, the staff is helpful, and not least at all because I don't have to travel for it!

Testing a display option

Testing a display option

I of course had Corgi #3 available, and came very close to selling out! I'm also happy to report that I sold out of all of my copies of the MANthology. I also had a few new pins, and finally launched a few food art-related items. Wine-o-clock, naturally, sold the best.

I also finally caved and found a new way to organize my pins. This reduces the headache of digging to find whatever pin a customer is requesting off the display board!

When we first arrived, we were disappointed to discover that we were jammed directly behind a giant pillar. This made traffic around our booth extremely tight and difficult to navigate, and it impact our sales in a huge way. Luckily the WonderCon staff was helpful, and they allowed us to move to another vacant table that faced an aisle.

The fanbase that turned out to support Corgi #3 was extremely heartwarming. The amount of times I was scolded for not having the new issue last year was practically uncountable. Point taken, I will make sure Corgi #4 is on time for WonderCon next year!

Heavenly Kibble Guardian Corgi 3!

You guys I am so excited because this installation of Guardian Corgi has been SO long in coming! It’s been worth the wait though, as behind the scenes I’ve leveled up in my storytelling, art, and coloring skills. *tiny yay*

Guardian Corgi 3 is going to release March 31st at Wondercon 2017 in Anaheim, California… I’ve always had a tradition of releasing new issues of the series at WonderCon, and this time is no different. I’ll also be doing the same “first 50 issues are individually numbered and signed” like I have in years past as well.

I can’t wait to share the next Corgi story with you, and I hope to see you at WonderCon!

… and don’t worry, if you can’t make it to WonderCon, I’m planning on reopening my web store so you can purchase copies online. :)