WonderCon Anaheim 2018!

My my, it has been a hot minute since I've updated my blog! I'm alive I swear-- and not only that, I'll be physically standing at my booth in Anaheim this weekend, March 23-25 (2018, if you happen to be reading this in the future)!

I'll be in the Artist Alley at table B-43! Geez, I need to update my self portrait...

I'll be in the Artist Alley at table B-43! Geez, I need to update my self portrait...

From Friday to Sunday I'll be present with fistfuls of my comics and art for your viewing and buying pleasure! I also have the honor of showing with my normal show-partner-in-crime, Ria from Ria Art World! Yay! You'll spot us immediately, since we're the booth with All The Cute Stuff (TM). Hope to see you there!

Last Minute Show: RoninCon

So a new show popped up this year down in Little Tokyo-- Ronin Expo! I hadn't heard of it before, but they had some last minute table openings for the one day show, and I jumped on it! It was my very first outdoors convention ever, so I'd never had to take wind into consideration with my display before. I didn't have too many problems, but some of my neighbors were just about blown away.

I was also positioned directly in front of the main stage, which had its pros and cons. It made it super loud so I could hardly hear customers when they spoke, but when traffic was slow, at least I had a show to watch-- and there was this really cool cosplay group called The Corps Dance Crew that performed all day! Cosplayers that dance! My college-age-cosplay self was just pleased as punch, since that's basically what I had wanted to once upon a time.

Overall it was a fun, short, and affordable show, and as an added bonus it was well-situated for lots of great food!

Kato Chef Tasting: 4th Course


Be sure you've tasted course onetwo and three before moving on to this one!

So at this point in the meal, I've noticed a trend. Each dish has a stronger flavor and heavier consistency; they play upon the tasty notes that have already been established, and are definitely ramping up to a crescendo. We've got a Flavor Symphony, here! Is this how all meals are meant to be? Is this real life?

These ribs might be short, but they're tall on FLAVOR

These ribs might be short, but they're tall on FLAVOR

These short ribs with turnips and chili were mind blowing. The flavor was hearty and while quite heavy, and the meat was extremely soft and supple. It had been cooked in such a way that it practically fell apart on my fork... which led to some scrambling and attempts at covering up how ungraceful I am. The turnips on top lent the dish a nice crunch to it without detracting from the flavor. I dipped each bite in a tiny bit of chili sauce to really round things out with a ZING!*

This illustration was particularly challenging because of the delicate veins in the turnips-- they're so subtle that I had to be careful not to overdo it.

Next will be course five of the chef tasting, in which we go full tilt flavor!

*I used to hate hot sauce, but I'm slowly becoming a lover. I'm pretty sure this was a house sriracha, and it was DELIGHTFUL.


As a working artist, I have to exhibit at comic and art conventions in order to grow my audience, sell my wares, and meet art directors. Each show requires a ton of prep work, and then a certain amount of recovery time afterward as well. This show was totally food related though, as I just debuted my very first set of food illo art prints and pins!

Deliciousness for your wall or photo frame!

If you missed WonderCon and were interested in getting your hands on these prints or the accompanying pins, stay tuned: I'll be opening a web store soon! If you want to stay up to date on the things I get up to as an artist, sign up for my newsletter. It's a weekly "open diary" on what it's like to be an artist, what new work I have, upcoming shows, and (eventually) coupon codes for the store!

Sign up here! 

WonderCon 2017

WonderCon was a smashing success yet again! This is seriously my favorite show of the whole year: the fans are great, the staff is helpful, and not least at all because I don't have to travel for it!

Testing a display option

Testing a display option

I of course had Corgi #3 available, and came very close to selling out! I'm also happy to report that I sold out of all of my copies of the MANthology. I also had a few new pins, and finally launched a few food art-related items. Wine-o-clock, naturally, sold the best.

I also finally caved and found a new way to organize my pins. This reduces the headache of digging to find whatever pin a customer is requesting off the display board!

When we first arrived, we were disappointed to discover that we were jammed directly behind a giant pillar. This made traffic around our booth extremely tight and difficult to navigate, and it impact our sales in a huge way. Luckily the WonderCon staff was helpful, and they allowed us to move to another vacant table that faced an aisle.

The fanbase that turned out to support Corgi #3 was extremely heartwarming. The amount of times I was scolded for not having the new issue last year was practically uncountable. Point taken, I will make sure Corgi #4 is on time for WonderCon next year!

Emerald City ComicCon 2017



Ah, the Emerald City. I absolutely LOVE Seattle! People complain about the overcast-ness and rain, but that's the sort of thing I love. I dislike intense sunshine... which makes where I live a poor choice. Well, dems da breaks, I guess?

This makes me feel like the pro-iest of Pros!

This makes me feel like the pro-iest of Pros!

I unfortunately missed the application deadline for the show this year, so I didn't have a table. I attended as a Pro, and got to enjoy catching up and networking with a bunch of comics buddies of mine!

I supported " The Meek " on Kickstarter!

I supported "The Meek" on Kickstarter!

I was also very excited to discover that Der-Shing Helmer, one of my favorite comics artists, was going to be tabling there! I support her on Patreon, so getting to meet her in person was really fun.

Even though I didn't get to exhibit, just attending the show was great for me. I also managed not to spend a zillion dollars in the Artist Alley either, despite wanting to. They tell me Adults must stick to a budget, so that was my one attempt at Adulting for the year, thanks.

Seattle, I got my eye on you, hoping to go again next year!

Comikaze 2015!

Alright Comikze, let's do this!


All set up and ready to go at table F16 at Comikaze! Don’t forget that Clucked will have its exclusive preview here this weekend! Get one while supplies last.

The crew is  at Comikaze this weekend at the Los Angeles Convention Center– check us out at Table F16 to get your very own exclusive Clucked Preview Comic and a promo button. We will also have plenty of other fine comics and prints for your perusing pleasure– plus CANDY because it’s Halloween, of course!

Be there or be… chicken?